Photoshop-Level 2

papamoa-beach-walkersThis course is only available online. It is best suited to Photoshop. For users of Photoshop Elements there will be some things that cannot be done in Elements but there are alternative programmes that can be explored.

You can choose to have the lessons sent weekly or fortnightly.

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This course is for photographers who already have a basic knowledge of Photoshop and want to extend their knowledge and skills. Participants are expected to have an understanding of the basic skills such as cropping, rotating, removing bemishes and adjustments that affect the whole image such as using levels and curves. It is suited to a photographer who wants to extend their range of skills.

The first four tutorials are the same as Tutorials 5-8 of Level 1 and the last four tutorials will extend that knowledge. People who have done the Level 1 course may request to do Tutorials 9-12 at a reduced fee. Contact Gallery One for details.

5     Introduction to Layers
6    Making Selections
7    Monochrome
8    Some of the more Useful Filters

9      Mostly About the Sky
10    More Advanced Uses of Layers
11     Combining Multiple Images
12     Image handling, storage and retrieval

Cost: $150

Classes can be started for December 2016

How important is a knowledge of an editing programme to a photographer?

Your task as a photographer is to take the best photo you can and then prepare it so it will look as good as possible in what way you choose to display it – as a print or as a projected image. To do that you must have some software such as Photoshop and the skills to use that software.

How the Course Works
An online course gives you the flexibility of starting at a time which suits both of us. I will send you detailed notes, with instructions on how to do use the various tools. You will also receive copies of the images used in the notes to learn each technique. With each lesson there are challenges (assignments) which ask you to apply the technique you have been learning to one of your own images before sending them in for review. You will receive feedback on all the work you submit and I will be available to answer your questions either by email or phone.

Photoshop or Photoshop Elements is like having a large box of tools and once you have learnt what each of the tools will do you will be able to select the appropriate tool to complete a project. The course is structured so that you learn how to use new tools while still continuing to use the tools learnt in previous tutorials. By the end of the course I would expect you to have a good understanding of the main tools available in Photoshop/Photoshop Elements and be confident you can learn new ways of using them from a variety of other sources which are available such as magazines and online tutorials.

Assignments (Challenges)
If you choose the weekly option you will have two weeks to complete the assignments and return them.

If you choose the fortnightly option you will have three weeks to complete assignments and return them.

1. If you find the pace too slow or too fast you can change to the other option part way through the course.
2. If you have some free time coming up you can ask for the next tutorial to be sent to you early.
3. If you are going on holiday, you can ask for a lesson(s) to be sent to you early and/or make arrangements for a late submission of the assignment. If pressure of work or family commitments make it impossible for you to meet the deadlines you can request an extension of time (dependent on my commitments).

If you have problems understanding something you can either email or ring me

How much time will it take?
Be prepared to spend at least 3-4 hours on each tutorial.
You may work through a tutorial quickly following the instructions but plan to test your learning and understanding by trying to complete the task the next day without referring back to the notes.

The length of time the course takes will depend on the option you choose and how quickly you work through the tutorials

You will need:
* Access to the Internet to download the tutorials and send in the results of the assignments
* A copy of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. I have access to both programmes.
* A way of getting your images onto your computer – if you have a digital camera this is easy. If you have old photos you want to use they will need to be scanned.

It is possible to start the online course at any time that is suitable to both of us. Sometimes it is possible to work around either your commitments or mine so contact me to discuss it.

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