Taking Your Camera Off Automatic – Online

TernThis is an introductory course for everyone who wants to understand how to use the controls on their camera.

You can choose to have the lessons sent weekly or fortnightly.

Click here to enrol  or to contact Trish at Gallery One

* Holding your camera steady
* Focusing accurately
* Understanding how the focal length affects your photo.
* Composition – some ideas for making your photos more dynamic
* Depth of field – an important key to successful photography (aperture)
* Photographing moving objects (shutter speed)
* Understanding the relationship between aperture and shutter speed
* How to get the right exposure
* Storing and Caring for your camera and photos
* Displaying Your Photos

You will need:
* A camera which allows you to choose both aperture and shutter speeds and preferably also has a manual mode. This includes the top end digital prosumer cameras and digital SLRs. If your camera is a point and shoot model which is easy to use because the camera makes most of the decisions you will not be able to do parts of this course. If you are unsure if your camera is suitable please contact Trish: galleryone@xtra.co.nz
* Your camera manual
* Photos can be emailed in for review or printed and posted (additional cost to return).

It will be helpful to have simple knowledge of resizing and emailing images but help with programmes (if  you don’t already have one) and how to do it will be provided at the start of the course.

Cost:   $160
Emailed lessons will include colour photographs and will be sent as pdf files so they are not too big for downloading. Your photos will be emailed and comments will be returned by email.

If email is not possible please contact me to discuss other options

This course is for you if….
*    you have just got a new camera (see the section on ‘What You will Need’) and you want to learn how to take good photos with it.
*     you have taken lots of photos but always left your camera on the automatic setting, this course will encourage you to use the other settings so you have learn to have more control over the final photo.
*     you want to do the ‘Beyond the Basics’ course. To do it successfully you must know the basic controls of your camera, understand what depth of field is and how to achieve it, how to focus your camera both automatically and manually, and understand the relationship between aperture and shutter speed. If you are doubtful about any of these, you should do this course first.

I am a member of the Tauranga Photographic Society, the Photographic Society of NZ and the Australian Photographic Society.  I am an experienced and successful photographer and I am also a qualified teacher.

How the course works
This is an individual course which gives you the flexibility of starting at a time which suits you.  You will receive feedback on all the work you submit  and I will be available to answer your questions either by email or phone. You will receive detailed notes, however just reading about how to take photographs is only the beginning.  You will really begin to learn about photography and what your camera can or cannot do when you take lots of photos and submit them, with your comments.  With each lesson there are assignments based on what you have been reading and sometimes questions to demonstrate or further your understanding.

The Lessons
The course is divided into six lessons
You can choose to have the lessons emailed weekly or fortnightly depending on your other commitments.

With each lesson there will be one or more assignments based the information in the lesson which will help clarify your understanding of the topics that are covered.

If you choose the weekly option:
You will have two weeks to complete the assignments and return them.
We would expect the whole course to be completed 8 weeks after you start.
If you choose the fortnightly option:
You will have three weeks to complete the assignments and return them
We would expect the course to be finished in three months
Note that if you find the pace is too slow or to fast you can change to the other option part way through the course

NB.  If you are going on holiday, ask for a lesson(s) to be sent to you early and/or make arrangements for a late submission of the assignment.  If pressure of work or family commitments make it impossible for you to meet the deadlines you can request an extension of time (dependent on tutor’s commitments).

With your enrolment you will receive a simple ‘how to do it’ book
You will receive written feedback on the photos you submit for each assignment
If you have problems understanding something you can either email or ring me

How much time will it take?
Be prepared to spend at least 3 hours for each tutorial, reading the notes and taking photos and another hour or two sorting them out, answering questions and submitting them.

This course will be available from the start of 2018.

Click here to download a pdf copy of this information