Beyond the Basics – Online

raindrops-on-agapanthusThis course is designed or people who have completed the “Taking Your Camera Off Automatic” course or who have been taking photographs for some time, using their camera in aperture priority, shutter priority and/or manual mode.

You can choose to have the lessons sent weekly or fortnightly.

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* Metering for tricky lighting situations
* More about composition
* Low Light and Night Photography
* Macro or close up photography
* Using /filters – what do they do and why do you use them
* Using your on-camera flash and/or reflectors
* Introduction to Photographing People

You will Need

* Camera that allows you to choose, aperture priority, shutter priority and manual
* Camera Manual
* Tripod
* Photos can be emailed in for review or printed and posted (extra cost).

Cost:   $160
Emailed lessons will include colour photographs and will be sent as pdf files so they are not too big for downloading.  Your photos will be emailed for review and comments will be returned by email. If you are unsure how to resize and email images, help will be provided in the first lesson.

If email is not possible please contact me to discuss other options.

What You Should Know

It is expected that participants will know the basic controls of their camera, understand what depth of field is and how to achieve it, how to focus their camera both automatically and manually and understand the relationship between aperture and shutter speed.

If you unsure of all or most of these things, check out the first class, ‘Taking Your Camera Off Automatic’.

I am a member of the Tauranga Photographic Society, the Photographic Society of NZ and the Australian Photographic Society. I am an experienced and successful photographer and I also am a qualified teacher. To see some of my photography  go to My Photos

How the Course Works
It is an individual course which can be started when I am available and at a time which suits you. You will receive feedback on all the work you submit and I will be available to answer your questions either by email or phone. You will receive detailed notes and some information on disk, however just reading about how to take photographs is not enough. Photography is about taking photographs so be prepared to experiment and take a lot of photos on each topic and submit them, with your comments. With each lesson there are assignments based on what you have been learning and sometimes questions to demonstrate or further your understanding.

The Lessons
The course is divided into six lessons. You can choose to have the lessons sent weekly or fortnightly depending on your other commitments.

With each lesson there will be one or more assignments based the information in the lesson which will help clarify your understanding of the topics that are covered.

If you choose the weekly option:
You will have two weeks to complete the challenge and send in some photos.
We would expect the whole course to be completed 8 weeks after you start.

If you choose the fortnightly option:
You will have three weeks to complete the challenges and send in some photos
We would expect the course to be finished in three months

If you find the pace is too slow or to fast you can change to the other option part way through the course.

NB. If you are going on holiday, you can ask for a lesson(s) to be sent to you early and/or make arrangements for a late submission of the assignment. If pressure of work or family commitments make it impossible for you to meet the deadlines you can request an extension of time.

With your enrolment you will receive a simple ‘how to do it’ ‘book’
You will receive written feedback on the photos you submit for each assignment
If you have problems understanding something you can either email or ring me

How much time will it take?
Be prepared to spend at least 3-4 hours for each tutorial reading the notes and taking photos and another hour or so sorting them out, answering questions and submitting them. The time varies from person to person depending on their background photographic knowledge and computer skills in relation to basic photo processing and emailing images.

It is possible to start the online course at any time that is suitable to both of us.  Sometimes it is possible to work around either your commitments or mine so contact me to discuss it.

Click here to download a pdf copy of this information