My Photos

In the King Country – Best Landscape Image – Gold Medal- Natex 2010

Photography has always been an important part of my life.  When I was very young, I remember looking at my mother’s photo albums which recorded her adventures. My parents gave me my first camera, a Box Brownie, just before I set off on my first overseas adventure.  As a teenager I travelled by sea to Britain and Europe – trip which took six months and set in place my life long interest in travel and photography.  I became a Geography teacher and used many of my photos to illustrate class lessons. In the early 1990’s Canterbury University set up Photography Summer Schools and this opportunity to learn about photography was just what I had been looking for.  I learnt from some of the leading photographers of the time. I was finally introduced to the darkroom and the joy of watching an image come to life in the chemicals.  Later my uncle – Eric Levesque – taught me how to develop and print my own colour images which I did along with Black and White images. When we retired, our move to Tauranga opened new opportunities and a move into a more artistic approach to photography.  This was just at the start of the digital age and the endless possibilities  were opened up both in taking images and post processing. Over the years the Tauranga Photographic Society has provided much knowledge and inspiration.  From entering club evaluations, I moved to entering national competitions and eventually international competitions.  I have had images displayed in both national and international exhibitions.

The Northern Lights

When asked what type of photography I do, I find it very hard to answer.  Probably Travel photography is the closest as it covers all types of photography but if I have to be more specific, I would probably name landscapes,  nature and wild life, monochrome, minimalistic  and macro as my preferred genre.  Today my interests have widened to include creating books of some of my travels and successful images as well as audio-visuals.  An audio-visual is today’s version of a slide show where the author tells a story using both still images and sometimes video clips. This allows me to share images and experiences with others.