Lightroom Basics

Lightroom Classic Basics

Autumn in Japan

This course is only taught online so that you can use your version of Lightroom, on your own computer with your own photos.  If you don’t have a copy of Lightroom, please check out the buying options in the blog:  Lightroom or Photoshop. You will also  have to decide if the Lightroom Classic CC or Lightroom CC is the best option for you.  This course is based on Lightroom Classic CC and it is not suitable if you have Lightroom CC. Before you decide, check out the blog  Lightroom Classic  or Lightroom CC

I learnt Lightroom when my photo collection grew so big that it wouldn’t fit on my computer and it took me ages to find the photo I wanted.  Today I have about 75,000 photos catalogued in Lightroom which I can find quickly and I can use in a variety of ways.

There are a lot of tutorials for Lightroom available online.  What this course offers is a way of setting up your system so that it is future proofed. You won’t be aware of  a problem until your computer crashes and you have to set up a new system or you run out of space to store your photos and you have to do something about it.  The first tutorial concentrates on setting up a system that suits you. It is one that will make it so much easier if the unthinkable happens and you have to deal with a crashed computer or a crashed hard drive.  It is much easier to set this up at the beginning, rather than after a few months or even years of using Lightroom.  I know because I have helped people sort out these problems.

What the course covers:

1  Getting Started – this is a really important tutorial, even if you have been using Lightroom for a while.  It is important to set up a co-ordinated system so you can easily find and work with your photos.  It will also make it easier for you to restore your photo library if your computer or hard drive crashes.  We always hope that won’t happen but it does.

2  Library Module – this is where you sort out your keepers from the duds and organise them in a way that works for you.

3   Develop Module – once your photos are sorted you will want to post process the best ones.  Lightroom has a lot of tools which work well for doing this.

4   More Post Processing, Emailing and Printing

5  Sharing Your Photos – Creating a Book.  At first look, the book module appears to be a little limiting but dig a bit deeper and there are lots of options for creating an individual look for your book.  Recently I completed a photo book in Lightroom called “Autumn in Japan“.  You can  have a look at this book by going to    and clicking the preview button.

6   Sharing Your Photos – Mostly about creating slideshows with a brief glance at the web module. In these modules you can create a slideshow of your best images and work with video.

There are no assignments with this course.

The complete course:  $130
An individual tutorial:  $35  (Please contact me)

If you have problems understanding something you can either email or ring me.

This course will be available from the start of 2018.