Taking Your Camera Off Automatic 2020

This is an introductory course for everyone who wants to understand how to use the controls on their camera.

white-fronted-tern-with-catchThe next class will start on Wednesday 19th February 2020  cancelled

If you have any questions you can contact me

Note:  I am happy to enrol younger teenagers but from experience, students under the age of about 16 have most success if they are accompanied by an adult who is also taking the class.  If a younger student is interested in joining the class, please discuss this with me before making an enrolment.

Classes are held in the Arts and Crafts Centre, Elizabeth Street West

Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm

Fieldtrip (Optional)  Saturday morning – date to be confirmed

Tutors: Trish McAuslan APSNZ, EFIAP, FAPS    Alistair McAuslan APSNZ AV-APS
Both Trish and Alistair are members of the Tauranga Photographic Society. They are experienced and successful photographers and are qualified teachers.

* Holding your camera steady
* Focusing accurately,
* Understanding how the focal length affects your photo.
* Composition – some ideas for making your photos more dynamic
* Depth of field – an important key to successful photography (aperture)
* Photographing moving objects (shutter speed)
* Understanding the relationship between aperture and shutter speed
* How to get the right exposure
* Storing and Caring for your camera and photos
* Displaying Your Photos

You will need:
* A camera which allows you to choose both aperture and shutter speeds and preferably also has a manual mode. This includes the top end digital prosumer cameras and digital SLRs. If your camera is a point and shoot model which is easy to use because the camera makes most of the decisions you will not be able to do parts of this course. If you are unsure if your camera is suitable please contact me: Gallery One
* Your camera manual
* Photos can be emailed in for review (preferably) or printed or handed in on a memory stick.

Fee: $155

You can only learn so much by reading books and attending classes but to really learn about photography you have to put that learning into practice and this means going out with your camera whenever possible and taking photos. Please allow time each week to do this.   Each of the classes includes practical assignments for you to practise during the week. To complete your learning you need to be able to look at your photos and understand which are the good ones and what you could have done to improve the others.  Each class starts with a review of student’s work to help achieve this.  During the classes you will learn more about how your camera works and what it can and cannot do.

Is this the course for you? Yes….
*    if you have just got a new camera and you want to learn how to take good photos with it. See the section on  You Will Need”
*     if you have taken lots of photos but have always left your camera on the automatic setting, then this course will encourage you to use the other settings so you will have more control over the final photo.
*     if you want to do the ‘Beyond the Basics’ course later. To do this course successfully you must know the basic controls of your camera, understand depth of field, know how to focus your camera both automatically and manually,  and understand the relationship between aperture and shutter speed.  If you were doubtful about any of these, you should do this course first.

Enrolment is essential as we try to keep the number of people being accepted for this course to about 12.  (Minimum number is 6)  This is to allow individual time with the tutors as needed. Places are allocated in the order in which the enrolment form and course fee are received.

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