About Us

Gallery One Photo School was started in 1989 by Maurice Jenner to provide photographic tuition by correspondence. Trish and Alistair McAuslan took over in 2000 and have continued to provide photography teaching both online and in classes. Classes in Tauranga began in 2003.  The photography online courses started soon afterwards and cover the same information as the classes.  After teaching Photoshop classes, Trish quickly realised that this was a frustrating experience for many people.  Some people had a more extensive knowledge of computing than others and therefore wanted to move ahead more quickly. The programme used for the class was not necessarily the same as the one each class member had on their home computer and take home notes were seldom available.  As a result these Photoshop/Photoshop Elements courses are only online with people using their own programme to learn.

Meet the Tutors

trishTrish McAuslan APSNZ, EFIAP, AAPS

I was a teacher for 40 years and have been interested in photography for even longer than that. When we moved to Tauranga we were finally able to join a Photographic Club which this has lead to new friends, new photographic challenges and opportunities. I am a qualified judge for the Photographic Society of New Zealand and belong to the Audio-visual Division of the Australian Photographic Society. My interests cover all types of photography but in particular travel photography, landscapes, nature and digital AVs. I have had images in exhibitions both in NZ and internationally.


alistairAlistair McAuslan APSNZ AV-LAPS

Like Trish, my interest in photography goes back a long way, but I was not really able to develop it until I retired after more than 40 years teaching. I enjoy all types of photography with a special interest in travel photography, street photography, landscapes and creating digital AVs. Black and white photography has always been a special interest and for many years I had my own darkroom. Now I am transferring that interest to producing black and white images digitally. I am a qualified judge for the Photographic Society of NZ