Fieldtrip to McLaren Falls

The photography class fieldtrip to McLaren Falls Park gave the opportunity to try out many of the techniques that had been learnt in the classroom.


mclaren-fallsOne of the fun things we can do in a class is to go on a fieldtrip.  For this class our fieldtrip was to McLaren Falls Park where there are lots of opportunities to check out our new skills.

We have had  so much rain that the waterfalls over the rocks below the bridge are really flowing.  This gave us many opportunities to try out various shutter speeds to see the effect on the flowing water.

At this stop our task was to imagine this was the only time we would be able to visit these falls and we wanted to take as many different photos of it as we could.

  • landscape orientation and portrait orientation
  • leading lines
  • foreground interest
  • shallow depth of field
  • Sharp from front to back
  • slow shutter speed
  • fast shutter speed

From here we went into the Park itself and the task was to photograph spring.  Spring is rather late this year but there were some tiny ducklings and blossom was out on some of the cherry trees.

We were planning to go to the waterfall inside the Park but when it rained, we decided to go to the McLaren Falls Café instead. It is a lovely venue for a coffee and a chat while we watched a tui in the nearby kowhai.