Photography and Photoshop

morning-runOur photography classes are held in Tauranga. If you have always used your camera on Automatic and would now like to learn about the other controls your camera offers and when to use them, choose ‘Taking Your Camera Off Automatic” However if you already understand photography basics, consider ‘Beyond the Basics.”

The online photography course covers the same information but provides the flexibility to do it at times which suit you.

A new Lightroom course was added in 2017.  This programme offers you both an organising system for your images, ways of tweeking your images to improve them, as well as a simple to use book making programme and a slideshow programme.  It is online only so you can use the version you have got.

Photoshop and Photoshop Elements give the opportunity to make photos that have been well taken in camera, even better. This is becoming an important part of modern photography. These courses are only available online so you are able to learn on your own computer, using the programme you have, when you have the time available to do it.

If you are not sure whether to learn Lightroom or Photoshop, check out the blog ‘Which One – Lightroom or Photoshop?